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Moondale Reflexology

A Natural Approach to Healing
Lucan based Reflexologist providing a mobile and in house service for client convenience and comfort in their own home if required. Therapist with 20 years nursing experience providing a blended approach to health and wellbeing using the traditional method of Acupressure, applied specifically to the feet.

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Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Jennifer. I have worked as a nurse for the past 20 years with extensive experience in Intellectual Disability support, as well as Pediatrics and Mental Health. With my background in nursing care, I aim to combine those skills with my Diploma in Reflexology practice to offer an holistic approach to healing. Reflexology is based on the practice of applying pressure in a systematic way to various areas of the feet which correspond to specific parts of the body. The pressure applied can help to improve functioning in the corresponding part of the body, clear blockages in energy channels, and improve the homeostasis, or state of balance in the body. One of it's key benefits is promoting relaxation and reducing stress, which is a major cause of inflammation in the body, disease and many other negative side effects. I am happy to offer  treatments within the comfort of the client's own home as well as in my own residence.

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Reflexology for Stress and Anxiety relief


This treatment is deeply relaxing and with a careful technique can be very effective in calming the body and mind and helping the nervous system to reset.

Reflexology for pain Relief

Due to it's effect of relaxing the body, Reflexology is well known for it's effect of reducing pain, and inflammation in the body. Inflammation being a common marker in most physical ailments.

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Reflexology for Cancer Care

With specific training in Reflexology for Cancer care patients, this treatment may help alleviate some of the symptoms and support the body's healing systems.

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Reflexology for Fertility

With advanced education in Reflexology for Fertility, this treatment can help to optimise the physical and emotional well being of those embarking on such a journey



  • Cost per  Reflexology treatment is 50 euro. Treatment duration 50 mins approximately.

As a member of the 'National Register of Reflexologists Ireland Ltd.', a percentage of the cost can be redeemed with private health insurance providers (VHI, Irish Life and Laya) pending on the type of cover held.  

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